MB Squared.


The name MB Squared was first coined when my friend and I were at school. We use to play around making mods for various games, but nothing serious, and generally ended up just playing Counter Strike or Command and Conquer when we got bored. Sharing the same initials, 'MB', we figured we were MB to the power of two. MB Squared.


Fastforward to now. I have been a Car Mechanic since I left school in 2007 and have a career as a Racing Driver, being the UK Renault Clio Cup Champion in 2014 and raced in the UK's highest level Championship the British Touring Car Championship in 2015.

During the 2015 racing season, I suffered a big accident and had to recuperate for some time and I started to play around with Javascript. I had always had a fascination with how mobile games were created. I made a silly little twin stick shooter that I could play on my phone. Starting from scratch it took me about a month to make a small square move on the screen, but I quickly gained knowledge and progressed from there. These first moments exploring the world of programming and games could be looked at as the point MB Squared really came to life.


However as with many things in life, my path has not crossed with my friend as they did before and MB Squared Entertainment is a solo journey for me.


Arena 3D is my first game and its concept goes back to the first little Javascript game that I made, but have since spent many hours wielding the power of Unity to create Arena in my vision.


My studio is merely a small room at home with my PC and I'll fit in development of Arena around my job and racing career (currently 2nd in the 2016 Renault Clio Championship at time of writing).


I'm driven by the fact that anything is possible if you put your mind to it...

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